Lea-Francis Vehicles

Lea-Francis O Type / P Type

Meadows 4ED, 1496cc, 11.9hp, with twin carburettors giving 52bhp / Meadows 4ED, 1496cc, 11.9hp, with single carburettor giving 38bhp

9' 3" / 9' 3"

4' 2" / 4' 2"

In 1927 Van Eugen designed a completely new chassis with semi-elliptic springs front and rear, which was longer and had a wider track than previous models. A stronger bevel gear differential replaced the spur gears, the radiator was taller and wider, and the brakes and handling were markedly improved, while flexibility and performance remained more than adequate. With various modifications this chassis was used for many of the subsequent Lea-Francis cars.

The P type, with the standard single-port engine, became deservedly popular, selling almost as well as the J type and surviving in far greater numbers. Approximately 1093 were built of which at least 97 have survived (with 71 in the Club), so it has become the most familiar pre-war Lea-Francis.

It was available in a variety of body styles, the most common being four-seaters and two-seaters with dickey by Avon and Cross & Ellis, but there were also many saloons. Sadly few of the latter have survived, quite a number having been converted into specials.

With the twin-carburettor, higher compression Brooklands version of the engine fitted the car became the O type. Fitted with four-seater or sometimes with two-seater and dickey bodies, these cars were capable of a genuine 70mph or more. Only 55 were built, with two known survivors, both owned by members.

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