Lea-Francis Vehicles

Lea-Francis Kirkstone 1926 - 1928

1,496cc Anzani side-valve (some Meadows 4ED)

8' 9"

3' 10"

Built by Vulcan at Southport, only the gearboxes were made by Lea-Francis. The chassis had semi-elliptic springs all round, an overhead worm-drive rear axle and artillery wheels. The heavy body and low-powered Anzani engine, even with its twin Zenith carburettors gave little performance, which is probably why 38 of the 97 or so Kirkstones built had a Meadows 4ED instead, or in one case 4EC. The Kirkstone was reasonably well equipped; standard fittings included a luggage rack, bulb and electric horn, windscreen wiper and, on the four-seater a rear screen.

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