Lea-Francis Vehicles

Lea-Francis G Type 1925-1927

Meadows 4EB, 1247cc, 9.8hp 19bhp

8' 0"

3' 8"

The G type was the company’s attempt at producing a low cost motor car.

The car was built on a chassis similar to the F type, but with a wheelbase reduced by 9”. It shared the F types three-speed gearbox coupled to a Meadows 4EB engine. Bodies were all two-seater tourers with a dickey seat, built mostly by Robinson and then Cross & Ellis. As standard the G type was supplied in saxe blue body work with plain blue leather upholstery. In 1926 the G type sold for £210.

It is thought 122 G types were built and the remains of one or two may have survived.


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