Lea-Francis Vehicles

Lea-Francis 18hp saloon 1949 - 1954

2496cc, 90 or 95bhp

9' 3"

4' 4"

Outwardly identical to the 14hp six-light saloon, the 18hp saloon was launched in 1949 along with the Sports of the same engine size.

The engine had only a single carburettor, but still gave 95bhp with the 6.8:1 compression ratio and managed to perform creditably in spite of its 27cwt. A specially tuned car was even timed at 105mph.

Luxuriously appointed and with plenty of power to pull its high top gear, it was sadly not a commercial success, and only 80 of these handsome saloons were made. Very few survive, and this is the only complete currently one in the Club, with two others in varying states of restoration.

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