Lea-Francis Vehicles

Lea-Francis 14hp Four-Light Saloon 1946 - 1950

1767cc, 65bhp or from late 1947 70bhp

9' 3"

4' 4"

This is the most numerous Lea-Francis model of all, introduced in 1946 on a development of the pre-war chassis and engine. The bore of the pre-war Fourteen was increased to 75mm, and this power unit was used with only minor modifications until the end of volume production by Lea-Francis in 1953. The chassis was modified in late 1949 with independent front suspension combined with hydro-mechanical brakes, replacing the beam axle and Girling rod brakes.

The coachbuilt body was unusual for using a stressed skin construction with aluminium on a mainly wooden frame, with a steel floor, giving a weight of only 25cwt.

A maximum of 75mph and 60mph cruising were possible, with 25mpg on long runs, combined with reliability. But it impressed by the unfussy way in which it performed, thanks to the excellent torque and top gear performance, while the traditional styling appealed to the professional classes who were the main customers.

By the time it was replaced in late 1950 by a more modern design with headlights in the wings, around 1,500 of the model illustrated had been produced only 45 of which have survived in the Club, but there are many more tucked away and they keep on turning up.

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