Lea-Francis Vehicles

Lea-Francis 14/40 1LFS / 16/60 2LFS

1696cc, six-cylinder twin ohc, 45bhp / 1991cc, six-cylinder twin ohc, 60bhp approx

9' 9" / 9' 9"

4' 4" / 4' 4"

An early example of badge engineering, these impressive-looking cars were made by Vulcan Engineering of Southport, with whom Lea-Francis were associated.

The twin overhead camshaft engine looked impressive too, but the 1LFS had flaws including inadequate lubrication, while giving no more power than a less complex design, and with low gearing managed only 60mph. The handsome bodies included saloons, tourers and coup├ęs.

Lea-Francis spent much time and money repairing the first LFS engines under guarantee and fitting an additional oil pump. Vulcan then designed a much better two litre unit in 1927, the 2LFS. Designated the 16/60, very few cars were made with this engine.

Of the 386 14/40s eight are thought to have survived (seven in the Club), but only 44 16/60s were built of which two have survived (both in the Club).

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